English Cream Golden Retrievers: New Holland, PA

The English Cream Golden retriever is a Golden Retriever that has been bred by the British Kennel Clubs standards.  They have blocky heads and an almost white (cream) coat.  

Katriel AKC # SR78475405  We call her "Katy" 

Katy, A white Golden Retriever

Katy is a purebred English Golden Retriever.  She is our retired Cassie's daughter.  Her father is International (USA) Champion Break Of Dawn Taken By Storm or as we call him "Dutch".  Her Grandfather is Dew Mist Silk Screen, the English Golden Retriever that won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in 2009 and 2011!

Katy is a good mix between her parents, she is athletic, loves to swim and play outside.   She is lovable and will sit for hours as close to you as you let her.  A wonderful companion as most English Golden Retrievers are.

Seriel, we call her Siri

Seri, An English Golden Retriever

Siri's Mom, Rus Pekos Pelageya is from Russia and her father, Break of Dawn Taken By Storm carries an USA International Championship.  Her Grandfather is Dewmist Silk Screen, the Golden Retriever that won the world championship in 2009 and 2011. Great Grandparents on both sides also carry the Championship titles.  Seri has a beautiful blocky head and creamy coat that English Cream Golden Retrievers are known for.

Icewinds Juicy Lucy AKC SR82053704

Lucy, A White Golden Retriever

Icewinds Juicy Lucy is a gentle well mannered dog. She has the wonderful loyal personality of an English Golden Retriever, always by your side, and when you sit down you can count on Lucy to be at your feet. 

She loves walks and can spend hours playing fetch.  She is great around kids. 

Lucy comes from a long line of champions on both sides and is a beautiful dog in both looks and temperament.

Lucy is a wonderful addition to our family.

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Shimmer is our newest Mother.  She turned two in November and has pass all of her testing for Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Heart.  She is full of life and is sure to make an awesome Mother.