NuVet Vitamins

Pristine Puppies believes in keeping our puppies healthy from start to finish. For that reason we use NuVet Labs vitamin supplements with our English Golden Retrievers to strengthen their immune systems, fortify their joints, and help eliminate the effects of harmful free radicals found in our modern day lives. Oftentimes, the most common places and the most everyday substances can be the most dangerous for our dear furry companions: dog parks, vets’ offices, home and yard pesticides, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde in carpet and furniture, etc. NuVet Labs, with their team of veterinarians, physicians, pet nutritionists, scientist, nutraceutical formulator, doctor of pharmacy, and pharmacists, has created products to combat the microscopic ravages of our modern society, as well as feed, nourish and strengthen the bodies of our most trusted and loyal four legged friends.

We believe NuVet Plus helps to fill the nutritional void that exists in virtually all pets.  Even the highest quality dog foods are cooked, and as a result, the heat from cooking kills much of the nutrients.  NuVet Plus is cold processed allowing the ingredient's rich nutrients to remain.  The ingredients are all natural and human grade. So called "animal or feed grade" allows for a manufacturer to include by-products, chemicals, fillers and meats from dying or diseased animals; something NuVet Labs would never allow or condone.  We believe that by keeping the immune system functioning at peak performance our dogs are better equipped to prevent disease.  For our puppies, it helps boost their still developing immune system and gives them a good start in life. 

Our English Golden Retriever mothers are given NuVet Plus vitamins daily, so our puppies are receiving them as well from the moment of conception. At about 4-5 weeks old, when Mama begins her weaning process, we start the puppies on their own doses of the same vitamins, thus continuing the same protection for them as they prepare for their new homes. Because we value the health of our puppies, even once they are with their new families, and because we believe that our puppies are in excellent health, and because we trust the positive effects of the NuVet supplements, our puppies’ Extended Health Guarantee is contingent upon the continuation of the same vitamin regimen that was begun here with us. They can be easily purchased online at NuVet, or by phone at 800-474-7044, order code 82532. (The order code is needed to keep track of your orders.  If NuVet vitamins are used we will extend our warranty to two years .)  We will accept other quality vitamins as long as you keep records and receipts of your purchases.

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