English Cream Golden Retrievers / Katy's Scrapbook

A little Trivia

Golden Retrievers make excellent 

Katy is our pride and joy.  She was one of the first puppies we could not part with.  We brought her Mother, Cassie over from Poland as a puppy and bred her with a gorgeous male that was the son of the 2009 and 2011 world champion.  Katy has proven to be absolutely a gem.  Her personality is always happy, she is calm and content to just hang with us as is a trait of the White Golden Retrievers.   She has passed all of her clearances with flying colors!  Katy will have another litter of White Golden Retriever Puppies early June 2019.

Puppy Love English Golden Retriever
White Golden Retriever Puppy
White Golden Retriever Service dog

When Katy was young her favorite place was by my husbands chair in the kitchen.  A place that is the hub of all activities.  She would just sit contently and watch the goings on.  She has always been very calm and makes friends with everyone.

Always so happy - white golden retriever

Katy is a registered English Golden Retriever service dog.  Her first job was to help a college student that was in a bad accident go back to school.  She carried her books, sat quietly during class then helped her stand and get her balance.  

Giving hugs, english golden retriever

That's Katy... always happy with a big smile on her face.  An awesome Mother, always looking out for her young.

beautiful white golden retriever

Dance with me?  An English Cream Golden Retrievers love.  

cute white golden retriever

This is MY spot today, to there!  Katy loves to stay by the door until everyone is home safe.  She keeps an eye on everything.

I am keeping the ball, even if I have to sleep with it!

Katy's Parents

Male Champion English Golden Retriever
Cassie the White Golden Retriever

International (USA) Champion Break Of Dawn Taken By Storm


His Father is Dew Mist Silk Screen, the English Cream Golden Retriever that won the WORLD CHAMPTIONSHIP in 2009 and 2011!

 Telimena Adekatos Poland #SR75142401 - 

We call her "Castiel" or "Cassie"

We brought our English CreamGolden Retriever, Castiel, over from Poland.  Her parents both hold international championship titles in Europe.   Cassie is now retired and keeping Dani company while she is away at school.