English Cream Golden Retriever Breeding Program

Our English Creme Golden Retriever Breeding Program

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We are proud to say that we have some of the most awesome White Golden Retriever bloodlines both Nationally and Internationally as the basis of our breeding program.  All of our White Golden Retrievers are either champion titled themselves or have impressive multiple champion bloodlines. 

Our breeding mission for our White Golden Retriever Puppies is  temperament and health (they are naturally beautiful).  We strive for the best of the best so that our White Golden Retrievers can produce  puppies that have a long life free of hip, eye,  elbow and other problems.  Our White Golden Retriever parents are not only gorgeous but they have mellow, smart, and loyal personalities.   

We offer a 2 year guarantee against genetic diseases, hips, eyes and elbows 

We believe in natural weaning and do not allow our White Golden Retriever puppies to leave until 2 weeks after this happens (8 weeks is the earliest).  We believe when our White Golden Retriever puppies are together and with their Mom, they are learning important socialization skills. We believe if you take a puppy from its litter siblings when they're to young, by the time the new owner can safely allow their puppy to interact with dogs outside the family, it is already not as able/open to learning the basic of dog language.

We begin human socialization very early.  We have 9 kids so all of our White Golden Retriever puppies are held, played with and cuddled a lot.  At about 6 weeks we begin a training program to prepare them for life outside the litter box.  They are offered puppy food on a schedule and then brought outside for bathroom time.  By the time the puppies leave they are well on their way with house training.  We also teach them to walk on a leash and simple commands.  

We also offer older puppies (4 to 6 months) that have been through and passed our training program.
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We have seen the terrible consequences of  puppy mills and do no want our  purebred White Golden Retrievers  abused, therefore we only allow limited AKC registration and will only sell to you if you are planning to spay/neuter your White Golden Retriever puppy.   On rare occasions we will allow breeding rights but only after we have thoroughly examined your breeding procedures.

*English cream golden retriever are also called White Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers, British Golden Retrievers;  European Golden Retriever, Platinum Blonde Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retriever