English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for sale

White Golden Retriever Puppies, also known as English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies, for sale in PA

Shimmer had her first litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies 5/31/2019.  They are sure to be champions!  We chose Shimmer from one of Katie's first litters because of her awesome qualities, she is so sweet, smart and loyal we knew she would make an awesome mother.  She has 8 beautiful puppies and cares for them so tenderly, she is amazing.

Majik is the Dad, he has fathered some beautiful even tempered puppies in the past and we are anxiously waiting (at about 6 weeks)  for their personalities to begin developing  so we can see  the wonderful traits this litter has. 

Reserve your White Golden Retriever Puppy now.  They will be ready for their new homes the end of July, 2019.  Both Shimmer and Majik live with us. 

Some pictures of Majik's previous puppies

white Golden Retriever Puppies
English White Golden Retriever champion bloodlines
English Creme Golden Retriever Puppy
English White Golden Retriever Puppy

Some interesting fact...

If one parent of a litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies has been cleared of the following genetic diseases, the English Cream Golden Retriever puppy will never be affected with the disease.  Before you buy an English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy it is very important to make sure the parents have been tested.


  • Ichthyosis is genetic a skin disorder causing scaling dry flaking skin. The mutation should always be tested in the parents of  English Cream Golden Retrievers.  Our English Cream Golden Retriever puppies Dad, Majik, is ICH clear which means none of his English Cream Golden Retriever puppies will ever get the disease.


  • Pra GR-Pra1 & GR-PRA2 is a genetic mutations that cause vision loss and blindness.  Majik is clear so none of his English Cream Golden Retrievers puppies will ever get this disease. 
white golden retriever puppies for sale
wonderful English white Golden Retriever puppies for sale
English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale
White Golden Retriever Puppies Love
Sweet English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale

A Katy and Majik litter

English White Golden Retriever with an Amazing pedigree

Katy is a calm, loving, loyal 4 year old White Golden Retriever. She weighs about 60 lbs, full grown her pups will be 50-80 lbs.  She always has beautiful, loving and athletic puppies. Katy is Cassie's daughter.  Her father is International (USA) Champion Break Of Dawn Taken By Storm or, as we call him "Dutch".  Her Grandfather is Dew Mist Silk Screen, the EnglishGolden Retriever that won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in 2009 and 2011!

Katy is a good mix between her parents, she is athletic, loves to swim and play outside. I would consider her color to be bright white.  She is lovable and will sit for hours as close to you as you let her.  She is a wonderful companion.

Click here for Katy's scrapbook

Champion English white Golden Retriever

Majik Timelord loves people and has an incredible temperament to match his beautiful blocky head and light cream coat.  He excelled in the show ring , we are so very proud of him.  He weighs around 90 lbs.  He has the wonderful White Golden Retriever personality which is total loyalty to his family.

All our dogs have their clearances.  Majic has excellent Hips and elbows, he is also PR1, PR2 and ICH clear.

He is from the Ukraine and was titled in the Ukraine, Finland and Moldova

Click for Pedigree &Health Clearances

A little English Golden Retriever Trivia

The median age of an English Golden Retriever is 12 years and 3 months; the median age of an American Golden Retriever is 10 years and 8 months.   The Golden Retriever club of America did a study that stated   61.8 % of American Golden Retriever deaths were caused by cancer; The British Kennel Club's study showed that 38.8% of English Golden Retrievers died of cancer. 

Baby Pictures

Adorable English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies
English Cream Golden - Look at those eyes!
English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Pennsylvania
English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy